Current Geothermal Hydrothermal and Hydroelectric Energy Projects.

Geothermal Industries (UK) Limited British Geothermal Division are consultants to a number of important geothermal energy and hydrothermal energy projects throughout the United Kingdom and Worldwide, including three proposed geothermal energy projects in Indonesia.

Ongoing hydrothermal energy projects include heat recovery from waste water at waste water treatment plants on behalf of United Utilities and a number of studies on behalf of various authorities to assess cooling and heating from river and sea water.

British Geothermal work in close harmony with the Lancaster Environment Centre and Lancaster University on many geothermal and hydrothermal energy projects as well as research into the development of other sources of renewable energy. 

British Geothermal/GI BioFuels Division is working with Lancaster Environment Centre and Lancaster University to develop new biofuels from domestic and industrial waste.

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Geothermal Energy For Biogas Production
Hydrothermal and Geothermal Heating in Biogas Production

 Small Scale Hydroelectric

Hydroelectric scheme using an old mill pond.
Combined Waste Water Geothermal/Hydrothermal Plant