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Climate change and high energy costs are the driving forces in our search for alternative sources of energy and our goal must be alternative sources of energy that do not further deplete the resources of our planet, in other words renewable energy. Recent rises in the cost of oil and gas mean that not only do we need to protect our planet we need to protect our pockets too! At British Geothermal we specialise in the latest Renewable Energy technology, not only Geothermal Energy we also lead the way in Hydrothermal Energy and Heat Energy Recovery And Storage (HERAS). Geothermal Heating, heating by means of Geothermal Energy, and more particularly Hydrothermal Heating have been used since the times of the Roman Empire. Hydrothermal Energy from naturally occuring hot springs and geysers was used by the Romans as a way of heating buildings and spas. Nowadays the terms Geothermal Heating and Geothermal Energy are also used to refer to heating and cooling achieved by utilizing the natural constant temperature of the Earth. Hydrothermal Heating, heating by means of Hydrothermal Energy can now be successfully employed using relatively low grade heat from rivers and lakes. Heat Pumps pump water containing low grade heat energy and then, by means of Heat Exchangers, concentrate that heat energy to produce smaller volumes of water at much higher temperatures. Ground Source Heat Pumps work on the same principle and cooling is simply achieved by reversing the process. In the summer we can store excess heat in the ground in Thermal Banking Piles, a process known as HERAS (Heat Energy Recovery And Storage) and when winter comes we can use the heat energy we stored during the summer.



Shown in the pictures on the right is a geothermal heating scheme in the city of Stoke-On-Trent, twenty-two 100 metre deep geothermal boreholes heat the Stoke Centre library/community centre at about the same cost in energy as heating a detached house. After sinking the boreholes the whole area was black-paved to provide an attractive forecourt area.

Geothermal Industries (UK) Limited Trading As British Geothermal are Specialists in Renewables and Pioneers in the Technology of Heat Energy Recovery And Storage (HERAS). Our Industrial Division is Renewables Consultant to a number of UK Public Companies and specializes in Heat Recovery And Storage (HERAS) and Electricity Generation From Renewables. Our Domestic Installations Division covers all aspects of renewables from Geothermal Heating to Solar Heating to Photovoltaic. Our new product range of Photovoltaic Mats are virtually undetectable on slate roofs, much more pleasing to the eye than photovoltaic boxes. For further details


For BioGas Production please visit our dedicated biogas site



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Whether your energy needs are domestic or commercial British Geothermal expertise will provide the Geothermal Energy and Hydrothermal Energy solutions right for you. We will lower your energy bills, reduce your Carbon Footprint, protect you from future rises in energy costs, and by working together in perfect harmony with our planet we can all look forward to a brighter future.