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Combined Geothermal Hydrothermal Enhanced Biogas Production
Electricity Generation From Geothermal Hydrothermal Enhanced Biogas Production.
Geothermal Industries (UK) Limited
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+44 (0) 1772 715 220


08227030 - Incorporated in England on 25 September 2012

Geothermal Industries (UK) Limited trading as British Geothermal lead the way in Geothermal Energy, Hydrothermal Energy, Small Scale Hydroelectric, Geothermal Consultancy, Heat Pumps, Ground Source, Air Source, Water Source, Hydrothermal Heating, Hydrothermal Cooling, Heat Recovery, Heat Energy Recovery And Storage, HERAS, Methane From Waste Water, Methane From Land Fill, Waste Water Treatment, Heat Recovery From Industrial Processes, Solar Heating, Photovoltaic Generation, and Power Generation from Bio Fuels.